Adviant Technology

Reach the exact customers you need at the price you want to pay. What differentiates Adviant Media in the online lead generation industry is the amount of choice and control our clients have over the leads they deliver.
How We Connect with Customers

Lead Profile Precision

Our proprietary platform allows clients to specify precise lead profiles based on variables such as geographic location, gender, age, income, and much more.

True Value Pricing

Prices per lead can then be variably set by each lead buyer according to a lead profile's true value.

Pay Only When Your Target Lead Profiles Are Delivered

Our clients only pay when leads that meet target specifications are delivered. No leads are ever wasted, and you have control over the exact lead demographics you receive.

Custom Lead Delivery

Adviant's proprietary system supports multiple lead delivery formats. Adviant Media customizes lead delivery based on our buyer's requirements. We do the heavy lifting around integration and lead delivery so our clients IT departments can focus on other priorities.